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Believers 11:11

This page is for the BELIEVERS, those of you who have supported me on my kickstarter campaign.


Here is the list of BELIEVERS:

  Phil Scott Penny Spitzmesser   Michael Fusske   Dan Vizina  Greg Jones  Gabrielle Raumberger  Jessica Lethen  Liz Alvarado  Sarah Knight   Carol Jackson    Lisa Garibay   Logan Crow  Metaksa   Hollace Davids  Jon Olivan   DJ Myles   Alex  Roger Espinoza  Michael Corneiller    Daniel Mulligan   David Maxwell     Barbara Chuba  David Michael Taylor   Arjan van der Laan   Lee Heiman  Noel Hathorn  Lorraine Latta   cmrett4   Sheila   Elvind Anderson  Dr. David Tishler Tanya Daniels    Angelina S. Mose  L.A.Underground   Steven Hurowitz   David Strother    Barry Fitzgerald  John M. Downs  Martha Rich   Vicki Perez   Jennifer Mueller  Joinee Abad   Susan   Jacque Kochak   Paula Baby  Donald Meland    Nancy McKain   Lissi Ortiz    Victoria & Robbie Wyckoff  Romi Rios  MHLambert   Robert M. Kelley   Hollie Stenson   Andrea Chain   Roberto Barrios  Anthony Bez  Eric Lane Barnes  Dr. David Goff  Ales Marek  Gigi Michaels  Tara Scheibel   Janet Bogle Anniesu  J. Brian Washman  Patricia Simko  Katerina Ungvari  Bev Bowers  Alexa Weber Morales Connie Joan Mercredi Lonnie K. Johnson Robert Leitzen Jason Hallman Steven Rossi  Eric Miller Deidre Blankenship Nancy Everhart Safran Ben Fee Todd Strickland (Thaco) The talented Ms. Christine Deaver  Jennifer McVea  Steven J. Blanderr  Anne Reily-Anderson  Dinars Lubins  Lucy A. Ernie & Jane Caroline Mnoian Michael Southard (humumble) Heather Duncan  Rui Ling Hutt Bush SpinOnThis Jose Byron Gonzalez Melissa Hernandez-Stradal John Lilly Michaels Jeff Dapser Ann Bernard Lyn Ross Robert Wolf George Ernst Lee Smith Eric Gorfain (of The Section Quartet) Xavier Montez Randy Leeds Nicole Donery Tobias Larsson (Tobasito) Eva Swanson Erica Monk Christa Mesa-Patterson Dr. Nagar Jonathan Burgos (Burgs) Elizabeth HeartStar, The ever so lovely Ms. Brita Becking and my 111th Believer… Zoueh Thank you sooooo much EVERYONE!!! Thank you for BELIEVING!!!