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Official Site of La Llorona de Los Angeles




I received my FIRST Certified Gold Record!!! I am soo thrilled to be honored with this beautiful award for my duet with Il Divo on their Wicked Game Album. We performed my signature song “Llorando” on the record. What a thrill it was! Thank you to Seb’s beautiful wife who suggested the boys cover this song and with ME! Love it! So the record came from CANADA!! One of my very favorite places!

Thank you to Richard from Cicada for allowing me to celebrate my lovely Gold record there. Thank you to all of my friends who came out to support me. Dean Mora and his Latinaires were wonderful! It was just lovely!!!

Love & Light


Rebekah Del Rio 11:11



Happy New Year!!!

I hope 2014 has already brought you beautiful days and peaceful nights. This is what I wish for every year. I did add a new resolution to my usual list.. be healthy, lose weight, go to Positano Italy, have my own tour bus, play at the Hollywood Bowl.. etc.. . I want to be able to accompany myself on piano and guitar.. just 2 songs for now.. by myself.. soo.. I’ve got a year to reach that goal. I think I can do it.. considering I have a few chords under my belt already :) I met my goal last year.. I wanted to get better and lose weight. I did it! So this is going to be cake! What is your resolution this year? Get healthy, vacation more, find your true love, or even just cleaning out your garage.. (that’s on my list every year haha). Well no matter what.. just do your best and be your authentic self and all will fall into place.

I’ll be setting up some more gigs soon. Keep checking in for info and thank you for all of your support. Check out CDBaby for my latest CD and my Latin Jazz album too.

Love & Light Rebekah 11:11


Official Release: New Music Video “Damned”

To celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (Nov 1-2) The Official music video for my song “Damned” is out! Rolling Stone Italia! Directed by Marco Bizzarro. This goes out especially to my beloved son Phillip Craig DeMars (3/7/86 – 5/31/09) and to all of our loved ones who are angels watching over us now. Happy Day of the Dead. Let’s all Celebrate life!

love & light
Rebekah Del Rio 11:11
“Damned” Written by Rebekah Del Rio, Heather Holley, Dave Eggar & Dina Fanai

October 6th Online Show direct from my home in Los Angeles

Please join me for a private (yet public) show right here in my home in Los Angeles. STAGEIT.com allows artists to perform to people ALL over the world, without ever leaving your living room. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can join in and see my live show. It’s not a pre-recorded show and it will not be the same ever again. You log on to www.stageit.com and you sign up (it’s FREE) then you pay for the ticket (really reasonably priced at 5 bucks) and you then put that date and time in your calendar. Log in for the show and watch it, interact with me via im (only people who buy tickets can do this btw) and you can certainly TIP the artist (that’s me) … since 5 bucks is so darn cheap (and I only get a percentage of that) you can tip me if you want to hear a specific song (I don’t do covers by the way, unless they were on my previous albums.. well okay, I will do some Patsy Cline but only if you ask nicely and TIP handsomely, kay?) You interact with other fans from ALL over the world.. and if you’re the most generous tipper, there’s a special price just for you!! It’s going to be so much fun. Please email me your requests up front so I can make a set list (only have 1 hour to do this). I’m so excited to do this show. Please spread the word and join the party. See you on Oct. 6, 2012 @ 5:55p.m.

Love & Light

Rebekah 11:11