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Official Site of La Llorona de Los Angeles


New Rebekah Del Rio Photo Shoot- Photographer Andrew Humphries


A fun day was had by all during this photo shoot held at the lovely home of my CAA Agent, Brian Loucks. Hair by Wolf, Make-up by David Miranda, Jewelry by Kate Younger.

RDR Handler Romi Rios, Wardrobe by Macy’s and La Cholita.


Photo by Andrew Humphries 2015








Credits: Hair – Wolf; Make-up Naomi S.; Jewelry by Kate Younger – Photo by Kate Younger

April 1, 2015 Reviews for Rebekah’s performance at the Ace Theater

“The Music of David Lynch”

 LA Weekly, LP by : Katie Bain

All of this star power, however was no match for Rebekah Del Rio, whom Lynch fans

will remember as the singer in the iconic theater scene from Mulholland Drive. Del

Rio did a goosebumps-inducing, a capella rendition of “Llorando,” the same song she

performs in the movie. It was stunning, and aroused the first standing ovation of the

evening. A man in the audience who dared speak during the performance got

aggressively shushed….

Rolling Stone by BY 

But the night’s first standing ovation went to Rebekah Del Rio, who became a cult figure after her stunning rendition of “Llorando” in Mulholland Drive. Effortlessly turning the venue into her own Club Silencio, Del Rio sang the song a cappella with the same aching purity as she brought to Lynch’s 2001 film.

Rebekah Del Rio performs at “The Music of David Lynch.”

Read More

david lynch standing o people



Mornin' Honey


I received my FIRST Certified Gold Record!!! I am soo thrilled to be honored with this beautiful award for my duet with Il Divo on their Wicked Game Album. We performed my signature song “Llorando” on the record. What a thrill it was! Thank you to Seb’s beautiful wife who suggested the boys cover this song and with ME! Love it! So the record came from CANADA!! One of my very favorite places!

Thank you to Richard from Cicada for allowing me to celebrate my lovely Gold record there. Thank you to all of my friends who came out to support me. Dean Mora and his Latinaires were wonderful! It was just lovely!!!

Love & Light


Rebekah Del Rio 11:11



Official Release: New Music Video “Damned”

To celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (Nov 1-2) The Official music video for my song “Damned” is out! Rolling Stone Italia! Directed by Marco Bizzarro. This goes out especially to my beloved son Phillip Craig DeMars (3/7/86 – 5/31/09) and to all of our loved ones who are angels watching over us now. Happy Day of the Dead. Let’s all Celebrate life!

love & light
Rebekah Del Rio 11:11
“Damned” Written by Rebekah Del Rio, Heather Holley, Dave Eggar & Dina Fanai

Love Hurts Love Heals – Is Available NOW on I-Tunes & CDBaby…

Click the Album above to go directly to i-Tunes to purchase your copy of Love Hurts Love Heals. An 11 song journey into the world of Love, it’s duality, beautiful and heartbreaking.

“Love Hurts ♥ Love Heals” is an 11 song album dedicated to Rebekah’s late son, Phillip Craig DeMars, who lost his 4 year battle with cancer in 2009. This album is about the duality of amor. 11 cinematic tracks that will leave you feeling like you’ve just witnessed the best epic movie of all time. Each song thrills you and pulls at your heart strings. This is the ultimate movie soundtrack.

The film? Life!

Released on the day of conscious awareness, 11/11/11. This album will surely move your soul into a higher frequency.

11/11/11 Post:

Today has finally arrived. 11/11/11. We did it!! We made this album together! Thank you to every single Believer who helped me make this beautiful record. Thank you to the amazing production team who helped me make it so incredible! Heather Holley, Dave Eggar, Dina Fanai, Rob Hoffman, John Neff, Bob Kinkel, and Chuck Palmer. (my co-writes and producers) Please go to the Music Page where I have the liner notes from the album that lists every single angel that worked on this album. I could not have made this beautiful magic without you all.

Thank You… Love & Light … Rebekah Del Rio 11:11 on 11/11/11


Love Hurts Love Heals is now available on I-tunes.  Just click the Album Cover below and listen to the new record.


In Loving Memory 9/11

Dear Believers

Today marks 10 years since 9/11.

 It is unbelievable that it has been 10 whole years. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was living in the same place I am blessed to still be in right now. (at least for now) I got into my car to go to work. I had Spanish radio on (that’s how I practice my Español) and these people were talking about the buildings in N.Y. and planes and that America was under attack… I thought it was a telenovela program or something and I didn’t understand all of it (my Spanish isn’t that great) and then it hit me, these people were serious and so I changed the station to NPR. I sat in my driveway listening for a minute, in complete disbelief and I immediately thought… “I have to go get my baby”.. I rushed to pull Phillip out of school and I brought him home. We watched the news in horror! We cried, we lost it. He asked me “Momma, will they bomb downtown?” We can see the LA skyline from my house. We devised a plan. We went to get more food and water. We updated our earthquake preparedness kit. We hugged and hugged and cried some more. I’ll never forget the feeling, the fear I felt for my life, my son’s life and the future of my country. The deep sadness I felt for all the innocent people who were losing their lives.

In the weeks and months after the attack, I was amazed how so many people were patriotic and waving their flags on their cars and it seemed that people were kinder to one another. That was a blessing. During that time, I believe people were trying to share love because we, as Americans, needed to comfort one another and BELIEVE that we were safe, united and that our leaders would protect us.

Little did I know that it would not be a world war that would take my child’s life, but the war on our health from that vicious disease cancer & the FDA that approves the poison we eat & a government that allows these pharmaceutical companies to harm us, all for the love of the almighty dollar… 

We as a human race need to protect ourselves and our Mother Earth from the war on our planet by money hungry world leaders. The War on our spirits by money hungry religious false prophets. The War on our health by money hungry Pharmaceutical & Medical Insurance companies. The war on our homes by  money hungry banks & credit card companies. The War on our Country by money hungry politicians. The war on our selves for BELIEVING the lies that are fed to us.


 Go to:




to listen to a taste of the new album and very special song 11:11 the password is 9/11


So with the utmost respect for the victims of 9/11 and the victims of every atrocity done in this world, I am asking everyone that receives my 11th emails to take time today to honor those precious lives lost & all of us that mourn them. Send out positive energy to those who are fighting for their lives & those who are still fighting for our country. May they come home safely. Show kindness to everyone around you and to our Mother Earth. 

Be grateful because 10 years later, we are still here and we can make a difference if we join together, as humans, all of us made of energy, to unite for the good of ALL mankind.

Love & Light,

Rebekah 11:11


What will YOU do today and beyond?

RDR Tour Schedule:

InterationAgain Project



Homing Art Installation

by Lucy Bleach



 Love Hurts Love Heals CD release show

Oct. 21 & 22, 2011

CD Pre-release show for all Believers and the general public.


 11.00 for Believers 22.00 for Gen. seats Pay @ the door

8p.m. show time

I’ll be performing my new songs from my album Love Hurts Love Heals with my  projected stage show. This theatre is my favorite place to introduce new material. It is a small venue (60 seat capacity)

 The show is 1hour 11min. *

*with special guests TBD

Here is a beautiful song that I would like to share with all of you. It is called “Gracias a la Vida” which I am.. so grateful for life. My son was grateful for the 23 years he spent on this planet and I know that we are all blessed in so many ways. Let’s all be grateful for LIFE!

mercedes sosa - gracias a la vida


Here is a beautiful and sad video that my dear friend Deidre shared with me.

Everyday is

Sept. 11th, 2001

for our


she's alive... beautiful... finite... hurting... worth dying for.

Look for my new album on i-tunes on 11/11/11

“One One One One”

Love Hurts ♥ Love Heals

 Welcome to my official website. Feel free to navigate around here and read about my journey in music. Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, Go to CDBaby and I-Tunes to listen and to buy my music. Watch my performances on YouTube. Check out my Touring Schedule. Right now,  I am gearing up to record my new record "Love Hurts Love Heals" and I am so grateful for all the BELIEVERS in my music who pledged to help me make this dream a reality. We’ll be going to New York in July to record and I’m so excited about this as it has been years since I put out a new album.

I hope you all will enjoy it.

I will be adding more videos and music and updates here so stay tuned.

Happy 4th of July!

Star Splanglish Banner 

Love & Light,

Rebekah Del Rio


"Remember To Say Thank You & I Love You" PCD 2009


Happy Mother’s Day From Phillip’s Momma

My dear friend/sister Sheila shared this with me and I wanted to share this with everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day to my friends and family who are mothers, have mothers, mothers-in-waiting, mothers whose babies have gone before them…. I love you all and I hope this Mother’s day is a special day for each of you. Everyone of us are at different places and stages, but we all can say we share the love of a mother, being a mother or even a mother figure to another!!

This is my second Mother’s day without Phillip being physically here. I have his beautiful spirit surrounding me always. I feel so blessed to have been his Mom for 23 years. I will always be his Moma (that’s how he used to spell it) and I will one day hold him in my arms again. I want to wish everyone a beautiful day…

Love & Light

Rebekah (Phillip’s Mamasita)


LOVE HURTS – LOVE HEALS Album… Will Be Made! All because of YOU BELIEVERS!

Dearest Believers,

We did it! We made our goal and we reached 111% funding and I made my personal goal of 111 Believers! Thank you so very much. I cannot wait to go and make this record. I am going to N.Y. at end of June, early July to start on the Love Hurts – Love Heals album and I couldn’t have done this without YOUR generous pledges.

I would like to give a very special GRACIAS to my Pro-Believer Ms. Janet Bogle of Atlanta who was so generous and determined for me to make my record, she pledged at the very top level. I will be doing a special concert for her that we will video tape and share a clip or two with all of the Believers. Thank you Janet… from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

Many of you expressed to me your personal experience with loss and why my son’s message & my album dedicated to him was so inspiring. I am truly moved by your words and your courage to reach out and help someone else make their dreams come true. I feel we are all connected in energy, although sometimes by loss, we are still so intertwined that it becomes a beautiful experience, even through sadness, to share hope and love with a stranger.

I want to thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and making me part of yours. Although LOVE HURTS we all know that LOVE HEALS. So thank you for helping me spread this message through my music.

This project means the world to me and I know that my beloved son Phillip has his hand in all of this. I aim to make him proud. I will be posting more updates on the Believers Page for all the Believers to see the progress of my record and the results of your generous pledges.

From all that is within me… I thank you and send you all so much


Rebekah Del Rio


Today is a WONDERFUL Day!!! Love Hurts – Love Heals Album will be made!

Dear Believers,

Today is the most wonderful day. Thanks to all of you BELIEVERS who pledged to my kickstarter campaign to raise $11,111.00,  especially my PRO-BELIEVER who pledged at the 5,555.00 level this morning, I am going to be able to make my album LOVE HURTS – LOVE HEALS. I cannot thank you all enough for your generous pledges. On April 11th, your pledges will go through Amazon and I will then send all the rewards to each and every one of you. My biggest reward is just knowing that I will be able to make this record. It’s been 6 years since I have made a record and I am so excited to share my music with the world. 6 years of love and loss all wrapped up in an 11 song record. I hope you all like it. I’m so thrilled to be working with Heather Holley and her team of angels on this album in New York. I’ll start recording in June once my tenure here in San Francisco is done. The record will be released on 11/11/11.


I am so very grateful. Thank YOU!!

Love & Light

Rebekah Del Rio



11th of March Update

Happy March 11th from Rebekah Del Rio


Today has been a marvelous day. I started my day off in the studio in San Francisco recording "Llorando" for a duet with an amazing group (update to follow). It was a magical morning. (12 a.m.) right after a stunning opening of our new show  ¡Caliente! at Teatro Zinzanni which was received with a standing ovation!  

Go to TEATRO ZINZANNI to get your tickets to this fantastico show directed by Ricardo Salinas. See photo from S.F. Chronicle.

My beloved son Phillip (3/7/86 – 5/31/09) would have turned 25 this past March 7. It was a bitter sweet day for me. I try to imagine what he would be doing if he were still here, healthy. Would he have his own restaurant by now? Would he be engaged? Would he be living in another city? All I know is that wherever he is, his spirit is always with me. On his special day he sent me many 11:11 prompts. One was a credit card balance of $11.11 that we happened to check at exactly 1:11. Amazing!

When my son was diagnosed with cancer, he spent many months in children’s Hospital Los Angeles. To pass the time, he created wonderful creatures out of colored pipe cleaners.  So to honor Phillip and his journey, Phil’s oncologist created "Pipe Cleaner Art Day" on March 7th. Click here for Photos.

Dr. Tishler plans on making this an annual event. Thank you Dr. T. You’re wonderful!

How’s that for making at least 11 people happy? Sure made me smile.

My New Album: Love Hurts – Love Heals

 I am at the 1/2 way mark on my Kickstarter Campaign to make my new album "Love Hurts – Love Heals". Please share my video with everyone you know so I can make this new record. It’s been 6 years since I’ve made a record and I really need the help of Believers :) Remember no one is charged until April 11 and that’s ONLY if I make my $11,111 goal by then. So please pledge what you can. I have lot’s of goodies for you to choose from for each pledge amount.

I really appreciate whatever you can do.

Hope to see you in San Francisco. The ¡CALIENTE! show goes until June 19, 2011. 


Love & Light,


Rebekah Del Rio


Thank you BELIEVERS…


Dear Believers,

We are about half way there. At 5,555! I had to post and let you know how exciting this is! We have a little over a month to come up with the rest, please tell all of your friends, family and co-workers to pledge so we can make this new record.

All the love and light to you and yours.

Rebekah Del Rio







Become a BELIEVER… Help me make my new album Love Hurts ♥ Love Heals



Happy 1/11/11 Believers,

Today I’m starting my KICKSTARTER Campaign.

Go to:


 for all the information on this amazing site that helps creative people get help from the world to make Art, Music, Books, Everything creative.

I have worked very hard on my little video to promote my campaign and I hope you like it. It was Very personal. PLEASE Pledge and tell ALL of your friends, family, co-workers, even strangers about my goal to make a NEW RECORD.

It’s called "Love Hurts – Love Heals" and I can only do this with YOUR help. So please pledge what you can. If I don’t make my goal in 90 days, I don’t get a cent nor will I be able to make this record.

Many of you have asked me time and time again, "When are you coming out with new music????" Well.. here’s YOUR chance to get that question answered.

So you tell me, when am I going to come out with a new record??? It’s up to YOU and everyone you know on the planet to BELIEVE it can be done.

I need your help. I have PRIZES/REWARDS for each and every one of you who pledge, even at the 1 dollar level.

So check ’em all out. Pledge what you can.

I surely do appreciate it!

Remember the Random Acts Of Kindness on the 11th of every month? Well, I hope I’ve put a smile on at least 11 faces with this news of my quest to finally release some NEW music.

Coming straight to you… straight from my heart.

Love & Light,


Rebekah Del Rio