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Official Site of La Llorona de Los Angeles


Official Release: New Music Video “Damned”

To celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (Nov 1-2) The Official music video for my song “Damned” is out! Rolling Stone Italia! Directed by Marco Bizzarro. This goes out especially to my beloved son Phillip Craig DeMars (3/7/86 – 5/31/09) and to all of our loved ones who are angels watching over us now. Happy Day of the Dead. Let’s all Celebrate life!

love & light
Rebekah Del Rio 11:11
“Damned” Written by Rebekah Del Rio, Heather Holley, Dave Eggar & Dina Fanai

Love Hurts Love Heals – Is Available NOW on I-Tunes & CDBaby…

Click the Album above to go directly to i-Tunes to purchase your copy of Love Hurts Love Heals. An 11 song journey into the world of Love, it’s duality, beautiful and heartbreaking.

“Love Hurts ♥ Love Heals” is an 11 song album dedicated to Rebekah’s late son, Phillip Craig DeMars, who lost his 4 year battle with cancer in 2009. This album is about the duality of amor. 11 cinematic tracks that will leave you feeling like you’ve just witnessed the best epic movie of all time. Each song thrills you and pulls at your heart strings. This is the ultimate movie soundtrack.

The film? Life!

Released on the day of conscious awareness, 11/11/11. This album will surely move your soul into a higher frequency.

11/11/11 Post:

Today has finally arrived. 11/11/11. We did it!! We made this album together! Thank you to every single Believer who helped me make this beautiful record. Thank you to the amazing production team who helped me make it so incredible! Heather Holley, Dave Eggar, Dina Fanai, Rob Hoffman, John Neff, Bob Kinkel, and Chuck Palmer. (my co-writes and producers) Please go to the Music Page where I have the liner notes from the album that lists every single angel that worked on this album. I could not have made this beautiful magic without you all.

Thank You… Love & Light … Rebekah Del Rio 11:11 on 11/11/11


Love Hurts Love Heals is now available on I-tunes.  Just click the Album Cover below and listen to the new record.


¡Bienvenidos – Welcome!

Dearest Believers, I like the sound of that, don’t you? BELIEVERS! That’s each and every one of you. You believe in my music and my purpose here on this planet. I am so grateful. I’d like to share this gratefulness with all of you. I am grateful for having a wonderful son for 23 years. I am grateful for being healthy and for my voice and for all of the fans that visit this site and buy my records. I am grateful for my adopted family and friends who have shared my life.

I have had a lot of life changes in the last few years. I will be sharing these changes with you, through my music. As many of you may know, 2009 was the saddest year of my life. My only child, Phillip Craig DeMars, lost his battle with cancer. He was barely 23. He was the love of my life. I have not been able to understand it all but I am still here… grateful to have been blessed with this amazing soul for the last 23 years. I know that he will always be watching over me. My Angel 11:11 Please visit the site that we made together to help people find alternative methods for healing. www.thephillipdemarscancerfund.com We spent many hours researching any and all ways to help my son and we wanted to put all that we learned into one place to make it easier on others who are faced with the terrible news that they or someone they love, has cancer. We hope, in some small way, this helps. I am working on an album dedicated to Phillip. Please go to i-tunes to hear the first of many songs that were inspired by my precious son. I appreciate your support. I’ve put the finishing touches on a script that I hope will see the light of day on the silver screen. It is about a spiritual journey that I believe will open doors to a new way of seeing the duality of love. Stay tuned for more….