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Official Site of La Llorona de Los Angeles

Fan Forum

rdr photo 6

Photo Credits: Alan Mercer Photography, Hair by Wolf, Make-up by Rudy Calvo

Letters from fans

I get so many wonderful letters and your thoughts and encouragement mean so much to me. I couldn’t possibly post them all here but I’d like to share just a few of them with you. Thank you all for your letters. Love & Light, Rebekah 11:11


Dear Rebekah,

Thank you for your very personalized email and I wish you a Happy New Year. I just wanted to say that I bought your album on CDBaby on the strength of your performance in Mulholland Drive. It was a beautiful rendition and performing unaccompanied made it even more powerful. Your album is really nice as well – the mixture of English and Spanish lyrics is really interesting. Jobim is fantastic.

I wish you all the success in 2011.

All the best



First let me say that I was totally blown away when I heard you sing Llorando on MD. I saw it for the first time a few days ago and cannot get the song out of my mind! Simply beautiful…your voice is a gift to us all! Thank you very much for your voice.

Nancy McKain


Ms. Del Rio,

You have millions of adoring fans. Several years ago I was fortunate to see you sing at the Derby in Los Feliz. Before that you danced and I must say (as my ex wife is an expert in Latin dances- a specialist in them as an instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studios years ago) that you sure dance well- very impressive. You are the Joni James, the Maria Callas of our time. You are a genius.

John Lovell


Hola Rebekah,
Feliz Ano Nuevo!
Just looking over your website and was prompted to write.
I first encountered your music (‘Llorando’) watching Mulholland Drive when I was living in Santiago de Chile. As a big Orbison fan, it stuck with me for a few years, and I sought out your album a few years later. Last year, I danced to ‘Toda mi Vida’ for my first dance at my wedding. It was very special and blew our friends away.
I am so sorry to hear what happened with your son – nothing anyone can say I guess, be they close friend, family or random person a few thousand miles away. I do applaud your positive attitude moving forward, and hope your view gives hope to others.
I wish you all the happiness and success you can have – you deserve it and more – if you’re ever in Brighton (England), I’ll be there right in front of the stage…
Dave xxx
PS Que tengas una vida de pura felicidad y suerte!




I just wanted to pass this along in case it helps somehow with your 11/11 project: I just learned that if you multiply 1111 by itself, you get 1234321. So if you see each individual digit as a level of height, the result would form a perfect ^ pyramid.  What this means I will leave to you! On the youtube video of your song “Ese,” I posted a comment that you are my favorite living singer. I have done “A Long Goodbye” at three open mics already and everyone loved that song. It’s a true classic that should have been a huge radio hit. I will watch for your thoughts on the new website tomorrow.

Your fan, Bob Kelly in New Jersey


I accidentally discovered your version of Crying on youtube. It blew me away. I recently moved to Costa Rica from Florida and have learned enough Spanish to enjoy your performance in Spanish. It would be hard to listen to the performance and not shed un triste. I hope you hit the big time, you have the talent to be one of the very best. You now have a new fan and I never wrote to a performer before.

Good luck, George




First let me say that your voice is one of a very few (in my opinion) that can transcends the spirit of the music being performed. I am a fan of many types of music. I first heard you sing in a movie. I replayed the scene many times because your voice touched me. From then I researched to find out more about you. My children, who also appreciate many types of music, were also fascinated with your voice. We would like to hear you perform live. We live in NY and would like to know when you will be performing here. Regards,


Dear Rebekah,  I just get chills when I hear you sing. Ive had so many friends and family listen to a tape I made of Llorando that as myself,now are fans totally.  I love your voice. Your voice is so strong and so beautiful. You are very gifted.. I know you are going to be a hugh sucess. Everyone that I have listen to you says the same and cant get enough of your singing..




Dear Rebekah,

I had the pleasure of hearing you sing “Crying” in the Mulholland Dr. Movie. You have a wonderful voice full of feeling. I am retired now, but I was a Record producer and publisher here in Nashville for many years. I’m just sorry I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet you personally when you lived here in Nashville. My office was next to Mike Curbs bldg. at 49 Music Square East. I produced George Straits album, “Right or Wrong” and also produced many records on Merle Haggard including his Grammy winner “That’s The Way Love Goes”. I produced many of the other country acts too. Moe Bandy, Joe Stampley, Connie Smith and several others. It was always fun working in the studio with talented artists and musicians. I still have good ears for songs and artists and my ears really perked up when I heard your rendition of “Crying”. I worked for Acuff Rose publishing for awhile and knew Roy Orbison from those days when he and Barbara would stop in the offices to see Wesley Rose or Bud Brown. I know James Stroud and if he produced you, I can’t imagine why the record hasn’t come out yet. Maybe politics in the upper circles. I always hated that part of the biz. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you the best in your career and tell you how much I appreciate your talent. I hope you continue to record in Spanish as well as English.


Ray Baker